Genre | Black Comedy | Feature


A jaded hitman, who can’t stand kids, is compelled to drive a teenage boy and his little sister across Europe on a mission to kill their father.

Keith, a down-on-his luck hit man, stumbles across the opportunity to settle a score with his nemesis Jimmy, who is hiding out in Southern Europe, and finally earn his father’s respect. Things change quickly though when his only lead, single-mum Angie, is kidnapped by rival hitman Perry who is also on the hunt for Jimmy and plans to use her as bait. Keith is now forced to take Angie’s two kids hostage and use them instead to find Jimmy.

Heading for Spain both parties race to be the first to find Jimmy: Perry because he is being paid to do so and Keith to avenge his father and finally overcome his ‘Butterfingers’ nickname that has haunted him since his first job.